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Defence Submersibles International offers a comprehensive range of subsea and general engineering design and build services, including fabrication, machining, prototyping and one-off projects.

Our main product lines developed by us are wet submersibles, Sea Saw cutting systems, launch and recovery systems (LARS), diver control panels and hydraulic power packs.

Additionally we can supply a full range of lifting bags, divers’ hot water machines, helmets, umbilicals and HP or LP compressors. Compressors can be supplied built into DNV approved containerised units, complete with workshop facilities if required. All items are available either for sale or hire.

O2 cleaning of parts and hoses can be performed as required.

We have a great deal of technology and expertise at our disposal, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, get in touch with us to find it.

Diver Delivery Craft

Diver Delivery Craft (DDC)

Specifically for Specialist Military Application. The submersibles design evolved from listening to user groups and understanding their operational requirements. To enable divers to carry out long range, covert insertion and reconnaissance missions, this DDC offers range, speed and duration required for modern day special operations. Download and view the DDC brochure click here

Sub Sea and general engineering

For diving systems mobilisation, bespoke and general design and build requirements.

Fabrication and machining Defence Submersibles

Fabrication and machining

Engineering parts machined and fabricated as per project specification and requirements. Conventional and CNC processes adopted.

Design and build

System and component design and build, as required from client specification or from industry operational procedures.

Specialists in prototypes and one-off projects Defence Submersibles

Specialists in prototypes and one-off projects

Items produced from supplied design or from collaboration with the client.

Diving Equipment to Rent

We can supply range of Sub Sea equipment, call the office on +44 (0)1257 25 69 49 to discuss.

Neil Tordoff, email neil@ndiver.com or call his mobile: 07972 061 533 Nathan Durrington, email nathand@ndiver.com or call: 07932 792 060


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