Sea Saw 3

The Sea Saw 3 is a highly efficient Diamond Wire Cutting tool that has been specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements of the international oil and gas industry.

The system utilises a high tensile diamond wire situated over hydraulically powered drive wheels to safely and smoothly cut through both solid and tubular cylindrical objects.

The Sea Saw 3 is capable of cutting through plain steel, concrete or compounds of both materials. The saw is also capable of cutting through irregular shaped objects providing it can be securely mounted to the target object via its hydraulic clamps or fixing points.

Sea Saw 3 Features

Sea Saw 3 Details & Specification
  • DWS Cutting Range – 100mm – 325mm
  • Cut distance per lead screw revolution – 3mm
  • Minimum Feed Carriage Speed – 0-2 rev/min
  • Maximum Feed Carriage Speed – 0-20 rev/min
  • Retract Carriage Speed – 120 secs
  • Clamping Arrangement – Twin Hydraulic Clamps
  • Subsea Wire Change Out – 15 mins
  • Operating Pressure – 150 bar -180 bar
  • Operating flow – 114 ltrs/min
Sea Saw 3 Dimensions
  • Weight – 200kgs
  • Length –1200 mm
  • Width – 600mm
  • Height – 300mm
Additional Equipment/ Services
  • Hydraulic powerpack
  • Launch and recovery system
  • Spares kit
  • In country service package
  • In country training and commissioning package
  • Factory acceptance test at uk manufacturing facility
  • Export packing case